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rusty quine

·1 min

This is an old entry actually:

fn main() {
    let text = r##"    println!("fn main() {}\n    let text = {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{};\n{};\n{}", "{", "r", "#", "#", '"', text, '"', "#", "#", text, "}")"##;
    println!("fn main() {}\n    let text = {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{};\n{};\n{}", "{", "r", "#", "#", '"', text, '"', "#", "#", text, "}");

That is the first quine and the first rust code I have ever written. Really want to actually invest some time on this language.

Another language I’d love to learn is OCaml. It’s interesting since the motivation on this was came from when I first found RLDev like 6-7 years ago. Though I still unknown to OCaml ever since then…

And here I mumbling on to learning some programming language rather than actually learn how to program sigh