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sound! euphonium

·1 min

It’s probably because Amagi was so bad, that I didn’t expect this to be so good.

It’s probably because Kyoto Animation made this, and I’m your typical KyoAni-fag.

It’s probably because it’s about music, and I hardly dislike music-related series.

It’s probably because the story is centered around all adorable high-school girls, and I’m a sucker for cute girls doing cute things.

It’s probably because Sound! Euphonium, is just so good, that I can’t help to adore it.

Unlike Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, or Sakamichi no Apollon, there’s no character who dragging the story because (s)he has been in agonize and can’t decide whether to continue to play music or not. All the characters depicted for being honest and true to themselves, probably except Kumiko, I guess it stuck on me that she’s probably unconciously-lying to herself when she said she chose Kitauji-kouko for the sailor uniform. But by the end, she still join the club anyway, thanks to Hazuki and Midori.

Now to find out why Kousaka decided to enroll to Kitauji-kouko, and to join the Concert-club without even reviewing their performance first, considering her personality as implied by Kumiko.