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She is indeed dragging it out

·1 min

Just when I thought no one dragging out the story.

Now Kumiko is troubled trying to get along with Reina, she actually has no reason to try but the fact that she keeps dwelling on that past event is annoying even for her two friends, she has to talk with Reina.

Though it’s totally not like this:

The story is start to shaping up, there are certainly conflicts within the club, A bit subtle but since Kaori who leads Trumpets section looked baffled at Reina playing is could be a hint to some problems.

Not to say that when Aoi raise her hand voting for not aiming to the national actually surprised Haruka.

And Asuka is awesome. Kinda forgot to mention this at the last post.

And this two make a good combi, it’s fun to watch over the two.