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From the New World

·2 mins

I finally noticed that rather than a preview of the next episode, KyoAni put a review of the previous instead, then climaxing with the opening theme, successfully bringing up the tension.

The ep started with the usual club pre-activities, all the freshmen preparing the music room. We still know a little about Reina, but now she talks to Kumiko, the case with Kumiko’s past is settled and that’s enough to let all Kumiko’s worries disappear.

Now the actual practice begin! Apparently they have all the sections practice separately. I suppose Kumiko is not a beginner, yet she takes the belly-breathing practice with Hazuki. The next thing happened is Asuka taking them to choose their instruments.

It’s Hazuki who blurted out there are only few 2nd-year members exist, but well as expected the other two feel the same and wondering about it too.

While I thought she is the shy type, Midori is actually quite open about things on her mind, she is the one who took the courage and ask about the 2nd-year members, resulting in more hints about the problems within the club.

And I really feel bad about the seniors, Asuka sure is permissive, but Haruka and Kaori is just too obedient.

The case with their club advisor is one big impact to the story. Their advisor clearly treat them as grown ups, they’re choosing to aim for the national competition on their own anyway. And so he let them to practice on their own until they meet the minimum standard of being able to play in an ensemble.

And it results in commotion, again seeing Asuka taking control the situation is admirable. She proposed to held a meeting for the section leaders. Though since it’s only for the leaders, the other members were expected to keep doing their practice, some people escalate the situation and decide to whithold the practice session. Which makes things more demoralizing.

The episode ends with these three girls sat and contemplating their club situation. The other girl wasn’t get much exposure in this whole episode, but then she plays Largo, the second movement of Dvořák’s From the New World symphony. I tried to listen to the original composition, and apparently that part was supposed to be more delicate. It was played in a rush by Reina, probably reflecting her own feelings.

Well it’s just started. We still yet to hear Kumiko playing her eupho, and I expect they will overcome this internal conflict just right before their first competition, though it’s probably not at sunfest. Who knows.