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Hibike! Euphonium - 4

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I hope people don’t find out that all these Euphonium writings is just an excuse for me to post Kumiko’s close-up shots.

I think no one expecting that Taki-sensei suddenly appeared and actually do some coaching. Not after he said to not wasting his time. But as Kumiko said, He is rejecting the club’s usual method of doing things, purposedly frustrating the club members, and letting them turning that frustration into energy to motivate themselves.

{%img center!%20Euphonium/%5BHorribleSubs%5D%20Hibike!%20Euphonium%20-%2004%20%5B1080p%5D.mkv_snapshot_12.28_%5B2015.04.30_03.04.38%5D.jpg %} It’s also revealed that while Reina is supposedly a reserved type, she’s quite blunt if it’s related to Taki-sensei. Subtly revealed that this is probably the reason she decided to join Kitauji. This is just me speculating, but she probably already knew that Taki-sensei will advising the concert club at Kitauji.

Kumiko decidedly more open about things, be it towards Reina and also Natsuki. And Natsuki apparently is more easygoing than I thought.

KyoAni sure is good at telling something from just small gestures.

Just can’t help it, it’s an entire fest of Kumiko’s close-up on the series itself.