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On to The Fest

·3 mins

If there’s one thing I would complaint about the 5th ep it’s probably about that closing scene. Why should it get anticlimaxed by that tuba-kun :[.

Anyway, I’m totally happy that people noticed how KyoAni exploits a lot of small gestures scene to convey their characters. It’s also fun to read how people commenting rather about their own experiences with highschool marching/concert/brass band, which makes the series feels totally down to earth.

A start with small gags at Kumiko’s physical exams is totally hilarious. The fact that Kumiko feels the need to tsukkomi herself for her bust size is cute. KyoAni sure really wants to show that it’s always been one of her biggest concern.

The gag was quickly swept under the rug with the preparation for the fest. Just for reminder, we haven’t know yet what song will they perform at the fest.

I think their band uniform is really cute. It feels like a modification of Tamako’s uniform at their baton performance, but this one is just hit directly at my strike-zone, so yeah.

I just noticed the background music at when they’re trying out their uniform were a bit melancholic, contrast to the contra-bass gag from Hazuki-Midori. But then Kumiko and Reina caught their eyes meet each other, which sets the mood perfectly fit the music. Dammit KyoAni.

And as if that wasn’t enough, We have a lot more Kumiko-Reina goodness afterwards:

This hand gesture is totally KyoAni’s…

And no, KyoAni really thinks that’s still not enough, Kumiko narrating her own feelings is depicted with this:

This is embarrassing even for me. But I just can’t stop squealing. Love them both. <3

Azusa reveals some gossips around Reina, which rejecting Rikka and went to Kitauji instead. But I wont assume anything, so I’ll just let it slide.

Kumiko meets Azusa were supposed to be casual. But Azusa asking her (and Reina’s) reason to went to school with a rather unknown concert club actually triggers some resolute. She was actually certain that there’s no any particular reason when she decided to went to Kitauji. She just want to starts anew, and by her definition, her current situation with everyone at the concert club is refreshing enough that she doesn’t want to bother clinging to her previous band mates. At least at the fest.

Rikka certainly is awesome, and Kitauji teams confidence were in pinch. The team is in panic as they’re about to perform. But then Reina blew her trumpet

Like a boss.

I didn’t noticed that they’re playing YMO’s Rydeen. Which is totally awesome. This is the second pre-90s popular song (at JP) ever played in KyoAni’s series. Both Tamako and Hyouka played Ue Wo Muite Arukou from Kyu Sakamoto splendidly. And here we have YMO. \o/

I think I knew YMO from Maria Holic’s. They use YMO’s Kimi ni Mune Kyun as the ending theme. And YMO’s genre were supposed to be more electronical. This marching band rearrangement is nothing but epicness!