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Let's Katou-chan

·3 mins

Katou Hazuki is a former tennis club member. Decidedly joined the concert club at highschool, and was aiming to play trumpet but wrong-handedly bought tuba mouthpiece instead.

Hibike! Euphonium 6th episode is dedicated to this genki girl. It started with the audition call from their club advisor, implying that for the sake of being a regular member for the competition, they will be judged solely based on their skill.

At first, Hazuki seems to be pretty cool about things, she knew she wont make it to pass the audition this year, hoping she would improve by next year. But thanks to Asuka scolding her (also that pokemon reference), she holds the grip and try to give it her best.

KyoAni still insists that there is something between Kumiko - Reina, Kumiko totally checked her when she turns around, leaving Reina all blushed. :3

Hazuki said that she didn’t do well at her tennis club back then, she tried to practice harder but in the end she can’t make it to the last competition. That’s why she want to be good at what she is doing right now, at least to the level where she can satisfied for her self.

Kumiko and Midori trying to help, asking around their seniors for some quotes, or anything really, to help motivating Hazuki about tuba. Just to discover that there is actually nothing good could be mentioned, playing tuba is suffering. Asuka come up with simple note score, the overused twinkle-twinkle little star. The idea is no matter how simple the note is, you will satisfied if you can play it perfectly.

But that’s just not motivating enough for Hazuki, she feels there’s no difference between that score and the basic note practice she always done before. Which forcing Asuka to showing off her secret method (of trolling around her juniors)

which awesomely mistargeted

KyoAni again tried to raise some flags around Hazuki-Suiichi, Hazuki is really cute here, though I don’t really care about the male counterparts, I will still rooting for Hazuki I guess.

Now it back to square one, and Gotou finally say it, playing tuba is never really fun, but it pays off when they play with everyone in an ensemble. The note they play turns into an actual music. And knowing that they’re contributing and involved in such process is satisfying. And yep that’s what Hazuki needs, she never playing in ensemble before since she’s still a beginner. And so Kumiko asks Hazuki to play together, which successfully boosting up Hazuki’s morale.

I don’t have any particular opinions regarding this week episode. The story sure needs some development and KyoAni has done a good job here. Of course with the main interest on how Kumiko-Reina friendship grows over time. I’m looking forward to the audition, it’s going to be really hard to watch that Hazuki may not be able to make it. And the other part’s members will also fight among each other. Things will get more interesting after this.