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Potatoes & Milk

·3 mins

Things are getting gray right now, while KyoAni sure trying to put some jokes here and there to lighten the plot, the entire nuance of this episode is nothing but gloomy.

I like how Aoi is set supposedly as the main focus, while actually, she is just a precursor to shift the story towards Haruka.

Kaori is good, she caught Haruka expression on a single glimpse and decided to catch her. Kumiko then see the two, overheard them talking about how Aoi will probably quit the club. While the vice-president is Asuka, Kaori seems to be a lot closer to Haruka. Even though Asuka seems like a clinging type, she is apparently more neutral and keeping some distance towards other, like how she calls her juniors with -chan honorific albeit using their family name.

When Aoi suddenly announcing her leave, Haruka is the first one to break. Really love Hayami Saori’s voice in her. Kumiko is not really fortunate for being there, since Haruka starts to spill her frustration on her. For Aoi, it’s a guilt that takes half of her decision, she can’t gives her best for the club right now, when last year she didn’t do anything to make the junior members (who quit) to stay. And it strikes Haruka too. She knew she doesn’t cut it for being a president, she knew it supposed to be Asuka not her, and blaming Asuka for refusing the role. But then Asuka gently says that Haruka can refused the role too.

Kaori took a visit for Haruka is one of my favorite scene. I probably digging too much into this but having this subtle interleaved scenes between Kaori-Haruka and Kumiko-Hazuki-Midori centered around potatoes is interesting.

Kaori sure is cute and seems to enjoying herself eating baked sweet potato like that. She says that Haruka is the one who have the courage to take the president role, not Asuka. And she always thinking that it’s Haruka who brought the club so it can get into its current state.

This is also the episode where everyone agree that Asuka is somewhat strangely too perfect, she looks laxed too much about everything, but when she leads she’ll be the strictest one around. Kaori then goes saying how she adore Asuka for being able to totally focus playing music and abandon things around as much.

The last scene is least surprising, except probably for Kumiko. It’s now certain that Hazuki is in crush with that trombone player, which incidentally Kumiko’s childhood friend. I will surprised if Kumiko feels upset knowing how Hazuki feels about him.

Anyway, the ending theme was on sale last week, had to wait for a week to get my copy from AmiAmi. I preorder the first BD also from AmiAmi but start to wondering if I should cancel the preorder and buy from CDJapan instead.