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Some things are better left unsaid

·3 mins

Just a friendly reminder that hydrangea is a bit toxic, it’s still beautiful though.

This week episode skips the usual pre-opening review, continue directly from the last week end-scene. When Hazuki suddenly asked whether Kumiko is going out with the trombone guy. The response was rather expected. Though Kumiko is just being Kumiko.

I should admit, I’m annoyed by how Midori keeps nagging Hazuki about Shuichi. But I guess you will sure have one or two people like that among your friends. In all seriousness though, nagging your friend to actively do something about (her/his) love interest is really annoying, please stop.

But well, (just like I said before) one of the most interesting point of this series is how the characters are tend to stay true to themselves and not dragging the story around. Probably except Kumiko. When she is being quiet, we can still get what’s going on in her mind, since, for most of the time she will narrating herself. But I started to have this hunch that I have to pay more attention for when she is in total silent. And KyoAni sure knows how to exploit that.

I was about to write how Kumiko rejected Shuichi’s offering to go out together to the Agata Matsuri. When I realized that she’s not actually rejected him, in fact, she’s acting totally indifferent and not sure how to answer on that, randomly grab someone and saying she is already had a promise to go together with that girl, who apparently is: Reina.

Hazuki then suddenly appeared and asked Shuichi to talk as she going to ask him for a date at Agata Matsuri.

Reina played along, which come to Kumiko’s surprise when Reina ask for the time when they’ll going to meet later. This is Kumiko who rejected Shuichi for practicing together because her instrument is heavy. Apparently she doesn’t mind (albeit reluctantly) to bring her eupho along to meet Reina.

The entire Daikichi mt. scene is beautifully well executed. That なんかエロい conversation, Reina’s direct confession, and Kumiko’s occasional metaphor narration, really set the mood towards their relationship. KyoAni literally shoving all these kimashi moment into your face.

Reina sure see through Kumiko’s facade, she can even casually goes saying that Kumiko has ill-personality. And it’s a compliment by her standard. Which sounds totally like a tease.

And Reina seems planned to bare herself too. As she goes telling Kumiko that she wants to be special. She was dead serious at one moment but then suddenly laugh it off, assuring herself that Kumiko really has ill-personality, then put one big smile on top.

Watching Hazuki has become really hard, and hurts, she was cute and all but the timing was just not right. And I’m going to blame this partly to Midori. But anyway I’m curious when she said that she will help hooking Shuichi with Kumiko, And then angrily asking whether Shuichi is one of those with no self-awareness: 「もしかして自覚なしってやつ?」is this referring to Shuichi for not aware about his own feeling, or that he is not aware about… ah, nvm.

I’m still looking for this Hanako Oku’s Ai wo mitsuketa basho, the song which was played by Kumiko-Reina at the ending scene. Haven’t heard of it before this, and can’t seem to find it anywhere. But the Eupho-Trumpet duet is beautiful. This series totally filled with awesome tracks all along. Gotta make sure to catch the album.