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Hibike! Euphonium - 9

·2 mins

Let’s have another Kumiko’s close-up shot parade for this week.

I’ve been kind of shallow toward Midori last week, I’m ashamed. Midori feels totally down, but it’s Hazuki herself who cheered her up, knowing that things will end up the same even if she took her time to get close to Shuichi first. She’d rather thankful for Midori’s support lest she can’t move forward. And that Midori shouldn’t blame herself like that.

Asuka, right just after Hazuki told her she was rejected, not giving any single care in the world.

Both Midori and Hazuki is really selfless, Hazuki never ever once thought of blaming Midori, she even took the blame from Kumiko, saying she knew that both Midori and Kumiko will rooting on her for Shuichi, despite the fact.

But then Kumiko surprised herself, I believe she is being genuine about her feelings right now, she simply baffled. Sure love what Hazuki said on this 「こっちも無自覚かぁ。。。」

Man… this is hard to watch….

KyoAni seems want to remind us that the reasons Reina choose Kita Uji instead of Rikka is still relevant even at this point. And it’s still probably related to Taki-sensei assigned as their new club advisor.

But they’re also assure us that the Agata matsuri event with Reina is not without meaning. At least for Kumiko.

The audition is a total intense. While obvious, it just snapped into Kumiko that everyone want to be in for the competition. KyoAni again emphasize this side of Kumiko, she is easily traumatized. For the very least we already have 3 cases around this. I hope all her paranoid is not real and it’s only her thinking too much. That’s the case with Reina anyway.

Being anxious, in addition of agony from her own trauma, Kumiko finished her morning practice. Thanks to Reina giving her support, Kumiko agreed to give it her best.

Kumiko now focused on her audition, she got nervous when Taki-sensei asked her to play the part she practiced the least. But quickly get over it when she remembers Reina’s support.

I’d rather not discussing the result. It’s been spoiled from the first ep anyway. But I do excited to see what coming after this. Now they have regular members, I wonder how the non chosen members will do. Sure they will keep practicing together as usual right?

It’s also fun to speculating Kumiko-Reina relationship further. They’re the pair with the most skinship ever in this entire series! I expect so much from KyoAni. But, oh well…