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Welcome back Audition!

·6 mins

It’s summmer break and regional competition is coming. Like all good highschools aiming for national, Kitauji high is in the midst of intense training. Last week, Taki-sensei promised another audition, and we have Kaori challenging Reina with the solo part on stake.

I’ve been pending this post since Thursday, partly becasue of real life stuff which I probably will post later, another reason is because there’s not much to write since I think I already wrote almost everything I thought of about the series. And yes, this is just my excuses because I don’t want to write anything particularly about this Yuuko girl. I didn’t even bothered to mention about her in the last post despite she being the one who ignited the commotion on Taki-sensei played favoritism at the last audition.

And now we still have her still with her overflown affection towards Kaori.

Kumiko caught this ribbon girl when she about to get to the roof to see Reina while she practicing her solo. Trying not to be rude, she walked slowly when the ribbon girl grabbed her hand, pulls her and suddenly asks what does Kumiko think about Reina’s playings. Kumiko answered bluntly, Reina the best. Which come to her surprised that Yuuko didn’t even refute.

As Asuka said at earlier episode. Kumiko really has the knack to bump into some interesting things. Well she being the main cast sure not without any reasons. By the next morning Kumiko accidentally watch Yuuko begging to Reina for losing on purpose. Of course this obviously means that even Yuuko admitting that Reina is a whole better at trumpet compared to her beloved Kaori-senpai. Which honestly defeating all of her excuses to make Kaori to play the solo part no matter what.

Reina refused, nevertheless she actually mind, as she later ask Kumiko if Kumiko is okay with her losing.

But the most interesting parts of the episode actually scattered through the episode and subtle.

Earliear on this ep, Shuuichi get stuck on some part of his play, get scolded by Taki-sensei, and swearing. But why this scene was layed with Kumiko on the spot, close up.

On her way home, Kumiko heard Shuuichi practicing, again he is swearing. Kumiko just looked from afar. But she somehow share the same sentiment with Shuuichi.

Kaori asks Asuka for her opinion on her plays. But kaori just can’t satisfied with Asuka only saying it’s good it’s good. Asuka defied and said that Kaori’s playings is good but there’s nothing more to it. I think Kaori slightly want Asuka to yell at her. To tells her that she is not good, probably while giving some guidance. or just cheering her up. Later when they’re preparing before audition, Haruka greet Kaori, she will cheering on her not as the club president, but as someone who spent 3 years together at the club. And saying that Asuka will not coming, Haruka then asks why it’s Asuka, why Kaori is so obsessed about Asuka.

Now imagine you have someone, a friend, who always see through your facade, brings you out, she’s always steps in front of you, and still manage to keep her cool. Somehow I can relate to Kaori about this. I can relate how Kaori feels that she want to jump ahead and be in steps ahead Asuka, shows her that this is what I’m (Kaori) made of. And yes that feeling is bothersome, but you just can’t helped it. Nice to see Haruka tried to understand that from Kaori’s point of view.

I think Yuuko somewhat realized her mistakes, and the fact that Kaori doesn’t even need her personally before the audition.

As for Kumiko-Reina, I want to emphasize how they’re using 3 words to express this particular affection. Reina first using 「愛」ai to express her feeling for Kumiko. Though Kumiko just tossed it off saying Reina is twisted. Then Reina confessed her feeling about Taki-sensei, she said 「好きっていてもLIKEじゃないよ、LOVEの方ね。。。」which responded by Kumiko with baffled expression (somewhat a combination of indifferent, curious, and a bit of disgusted expression, like when you heard your first lewd word ever).

And in this episode, we have Kumiko showing her full support for Reina, she refuses to accept if Reina would lose the audition, that she wouldn’t mind being the villain on that purpose if she had to, she will tell everyone that Reina is the one who fit the solo part like what Yuuko did for Kaori, and promise upon death that she will stay by Reina side no matter what happen, then she repeats what Reina said back then, 「だってこれは。。。愛の告白だから。」.

The story has had laying some background information about Reina’s and Kumiko’s character. Reina refuses to fit with the crowd because she wants to be different, while Kumiko tries to fit and play safe because she thinks she is different. Reina wants to be special so she can’t have an ordinary friendly relationship with others, it has to be special. And she chose Kumiko. Kumiko herself get attracted to Reina, because Reina now opened up to her, and that makes her somewhat special. And now what word is best to described their feeling toward each other?

Back to the audition, I first thought I wont be able to differentiate Reina’s playings from Kaori’s. I was totally wrong. KyoAni makes this really easy. Reina played so good, and everyone know that. But that just make things more harder for them to decide.They can’t possibly vote for Kaori after listening to such performance from Reina. But they can neither vote for Reina for ethical reasons. It’s a tie. Kaori have Yuuko and Haruka’s vote. While Reina got Kumiko’s and then Hazuki follows tying up the vote.

Things wil be really awkward if Kaori is not Kaori. She’s good and she admits that Reina is far better on trumpet. So when Taki-sensei asks her if she is able to take the play, she refused. Reina should take the solo.

Yuuko bursts in tears, she realized what makes her adore Kaori is the fact that Kaori is more humbling about herself, reminded that Kaori ever said she is not good at trumpet, she just like(s) it. Yuuko realized that she was just make things really hard especially for Kaori. All that self-humiliation for this.

I end up purchasing the first BD from amiami, but the site not indicating that the package will contains all the first-press limited bonus. I’d probably end up having only the BD and amiami phonecard bonus instead. :( Should really purchased that from another store. Or just purchase another one later perhaps. :p

Anyway, I’ve been listening to their radio bangumi also. For some reason it was end up in youtube. At the 4th ep, they have all the casts (Chika Anzai, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Ayaka Asai, and Moe Toyota) commenting on the 8th episode of the series. It was totally fun.

And this is just in: Tomoyo Kurosawa looks really sweet! I think I fall for her. Going to be her fan for the time being :9

Also next week is the release of Kumiko’s character song by Tomoyo Kurosawa herself~! The songs were by ZAQ, though while I’m not particularly a fan of ZAQ, I’d buy the CD for the sake of Kumiko I guess.

It’s also interesting how Tomonya (Tomoyo Kurosawa’s nickname from Moe Toyota) jokingly put Reina’s word on the CD she gave to Moe Toyota ( please click the link if the twitter card didn’t showed up properly):