Well, fudanchii is pseudonym obviously.
I started using this handle about 4-5 years ago. Back then I got to decide a handle to used in some forums as they can’t let username with less than 4 characters. I’m using die before, and realized how easy to mis-pronounced that name in english-speaking forums. By the way, that die actually pronounced like dee as in deer.

The name was influenced by some anime titles. At that time it was Clannad and Haruhi…
Long story short, the fu is taken from Fuuko, dan taken from SOS-dan, and I added chii since it’s sounds cute.
Retarded enough?

A couple years later I bumped into this fudanshi term, really it’s coincidence, but since then it seems like the name has been linked along with that term.

As described above, I do watch anime, I also craft software, and do some other (un)interesting things.

This Blog

I write stuff, and it was scattered around the internets.
Here I try to re-collect some of them and then continue with things. Most of them just purposed as personal rambling, so don’t bother.

I wont acclaim that my blog is original. Though all writings actually written by myself. Most of the images and some other multimedia contents might be copyrighted by their respective owner. I don’t have any intention to do some kind of copyright infringement. Hereby if you have any problem with that, you can contact me from the links at the site, then I may or may not remove the contents mentioned.

All the writings here is placed at Public Domain, but trackback link would be nice.
Except stated otherwise, all the codes here is in MIT/X11, or 2-clause BSD, or ISC license. Choose which one you prefer.

Will update this page some time in the future.