so here is vyw

Me, Every time I tried to fit in

Things I did randomly last week

Kumiko Looks really Hot!

Welcome back Audition!

There she goes

Hibike! Euphonium - 9

Some things are better left unsaid

Potatoes & Milk

Let’s Katou-chan

On to The Fest

Hibike! Euphonium - 4

From the New World

She is indeed dragging it out

sound! euphonium

git unhg

Asaba Aoi route where (屮゜Д゜)屮

shreds: on the javascript

This was arrived yesterday

on aokana

PWM on msp430g2553

First Post!

Go 1.4, setuid and linux’s capabilities feature

migrating image assets

msp430 - (still on the) basics

msp430 - basics

got the launchpad


rusty quine

on OSX

does this thing still on?

Code Tidbits: wrk pt.1

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

VividRed Operation #3

The Hook

Site Moved

Test Post

Witch’s Garden

Stupid Tween Animator

shizuku get

random ascii arts

Poteneko Academy

imgpop is Picto Now


Image viewer is up!

The stony cat

Should I go back to college?

More Layout Update

Your Diary

Weekly maintenance, as if

So I thought this would do for an update

Hotarubi no Mori he

Conway’s Game of Life

These girls are in denial

Octopress, custom banner

I change the banner

New shell Prompt

Another 04

Now with banner!

CLI to do list

Floating bar isn’t cool anymore

Small updates

Flower declaration of your heart 01

Theme updated!

Second batch update

First batch update

New Blog! and it starts with nothing

Synchro Test Suite

now powered with fixed line

Idol [email protected] 03 - Miki, daisuki ~!

Gunslinger Girl terbit 1 tahun sekali

I’m such a liar ’

I was just had a chat with an…

Hmm I see I can’t update my blog…

Kitto daijoubu

you’re my best friend

Currently listening to Utakata Hanabi by Ryo Supercell…

The last chapter be where

I remember I was intended to bought Mokke…

Posting from some random internet cafe While waiting…

I forgot that this wordpress account connected to…

lolz what’s up I see it looks lame…

ZOMG Yumekui Merry from Elexmedia

Let’s refill the site

Welcome to my life…

gnome background changer

let just say, I’m gettin bored

sifat mau tahu itu nggak selalu ngebantu…

I feel like I’m happy


random trial?


on snv_b132

Kimi ijou, boku miman

The hell with this…

n-th try

shared account identification


my first bow

opensolaris, dd usb image.

Perbaharuan Acak

So how it goes

comet technology

I miss my 1st ever beach party T_T

so, w3c standard is not that strict!

Genshiken on Toys Fair next weekend

my phail html fraemwerk

I wish…

self reminder

tenshinranman update

The daemon, I fall in love with

Once upon a time in Sakuragaoka(3)

sakuragaoka cameo ???

Marble’s Hatsukoi limited win


Once upon a time in Sakuragaoka (2)

kernel, filsystem, rants :: what I’ve been doing recently

Jadi, begini…

Today’s announce

securing html form

Once upon a time in Sakuragaoka(1)

Tenshin-Ranman & Tayutama release date decided…

This is what programmer supposed to be…

Proof that Touko is a real monster…

budaya visual modern !!??


KiriKiri revealed (2)

KiriKiri revealed (1st trial)


It’s (not) a Revolution

Bookiest in Memorial

ef-tale of rants


beyond the seen

zfs already used in BSD, what’s goin on with linux?


virtualization, do we need it?

s.ifr #3

fair good music player…

flicked out…

Round table is still the best…

my current anime watch list

so what the problem….




ato… kizuato…


S.ifr number zero

Dynamic Array dengan reflection 1

gugugu…. ge?

first post on July

Jum’at 4 Juli

Senin, 30 Juni 2008

more lyrical

I love yuma tonami

kok jadi begitu?

not only twisted rumba

galge no CG

Light novel wo yondeiru

little busters..

zetsubou shita

gendai shikaku bunka expo!!!!

you are alone… or no?

lontara setelah konde….

since… then…

Ow… encoded decoded… you… phail…

code battling

koibito wo sagasu…


write some….

not to mention today

25 days to launch…

Clannad After story

apple’s season

Ookami to tabi no ongaku


unfortunate kindness

current report


OSI : bukan ASI

freeBSD : instalasi

nube (spell nu-be)

Clannad ep.21

no mad en

not as good as planned

it’s not working….

libur juga nggak….



nothing to loose…

neko is a cat….

Current activity…

gekijouban clannad ~dvd version~

more tha just a game….




komori uta

it’s a portable ogg player

between 4gigs storage and 1 gig songs


net ethic


obejct communication


term nggak guna…

it’s a kind of

brokenheart’s week

nggak kenapa-kenapa…


alpha test…..

more or less into the moon

Oh No….

it’s cheap

just open…