Fair Good Music Player…

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since I decide to use fully gtk based application on my Gnome Desktop, I’ve
got some media players installed… let says… Banshee, Audacious, BMPx,
Exaile, RhythmBox, Totem, Quark, Aqualung, Bluemindo,… etc,etc… umm.. yes
it kind a useless to install all of them, when you will use only one player
instead… so, I do some benchmarking to all of them… first is… usability,
then simplicity, the last is feature… great music player must implement this
quote… ‘it just works…’ yes.. user doesn’t wanna bothered with unimportant
detailed… so player must do things neatly… and this is the results
(ordered by rank)… 1. Exaile : this app seems inspired by Amarok, since the
layout looks alike… the tab side bar is useful yes, integrated with file
browser so you can select files directly from your file system… 2. Audacious
well with ‘old winamp’ like UI, this app is more easy to use… nobody never use winamp isn’t it…? 3. Banshee : this one is good, but I don’t really understand how the cover fetched, since only some of them loaded… 4. Rhythmbox : slightly slower, and the playlist management annoys me. 5. Totem : not count, since its media player, not as good as MPlayer though …

so i decide to use… Exaile…. this morning I tried to find out how to fix cover loading problem in Exaile… the problem is, Exailw won’t load any album arts from my music folder. you must directly set custom cover for each album… and I found that function fetch_from_fs on covers.py doesn’t properly return the image file for the cover… edit… and it goes like this for f in names: img = os.path.join(dir, f.strip()) if os.path.isfile(img): return img return None the original was like this for f in names: for f in glob.glob(os.path.join(dir, f.strip())): if os.path.isfile(f): return f basically, I made it return the file full name, instead of Object and it works…