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fresh student hobby : the reaction is as expected


Marble's Hatsukoi limited win

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ha… yesterday I got the copy of their single… this is their first single for this year after compilation album in Hidamari Land go Land. And Marble apparently back to they old music style… yay~ well since their third album “te no hira” was kind of blended, I guess… micco’s voice getting too low in several tracks >__< but Hatsukoi Limited just give my old sensation about their music nice guitar sound and mellow voice win… this is the track list:

Proof that Touko is a real monster...

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according to what Touko said, there’s three way for monster to terrifying someone. 1. The monster should not speak 2. The monster should not identified 3. The monster can’t die Yes this cute monster can’t speak but we can clearly identify what exactly this thing is… :3 [![](http://shinushite.files.wordpre]( /02/shot0003.png) and this is the “real” monster [![shot0005](http://shinushite.files.wordpress. com/2009/02/shot0005.png?w=300)]( /shot0005.png) crap…

ef-tale of rants

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just watched the last episode from ef tale of melodies and I’m kind of impressed, this serial leave different feeling compared to the visual novel. Shaft and minori had the story re-arranged and instead of sad and melancholic feeling from the game, the serial gives hopeful and happiness feeling, and some lol-ness between them… this is from the game : and this is from the serial ![snapshot20090103053512](http://shinushite.files.wordpress .com/2009/01/snapshot20090103053512.jpg?w=300) and they really wear it together OMG, it’s so enviable….


s.ifr #3

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slowpoke…. sunrise kind a halfhearted in doing this series… the story just too fast… a lot of story details skipped, in the end.. no one knows what is artemis… okay… the costume it self was fabulous.. it’s like a light version from sapphire of blue sky regular costume… can’t find good picture of the costume… so just watch it by yourself…

Round table is still the best...

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surely… …………….. I’m just get their latest single nagareboshi, ending theme from yozakura quartet. the music itself is so colorful… and cute voice from nino is a plus… round table still keep their music pace… and i love it… the second track titled akane iro no sentimental akane iro…? doesn’t it remind you with the dusk at the autumn…? red colour everywhere… the music sounds a little melancholic for me… i love the acoustic guitar… at the intro… and last track inori wow, i can’t wait till 12.

my current anime watch list

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title episode status Akane iro ni somaru saka 2/3 [ongoing] Ga-Rei Zero 2/3 [ongoing] Kannagi 2/3 [ongoing] Hyakko 2/2 [ongoing] Kyo no Go no Ni 1/2 [ongoing] Shikabane Hime Aka 2/2 [ongoing] Clannad ~After Story~ 3/3 [ongoing] Earl and Fairy 1/2 [ongoing] Toaru Majutsu no Index 2/3 [ongoing] Toradora 1/3 [ongoing] Kemeko DX 2/2 [ongoing] … this season is too much


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KyoAni has announced pre order for Lucky Star OVA, that will released on 26th September… let see….. for 6090 JPY it seems they will bundling the package with some merchandise…. go for it…. (O_O)/ [![](http://www.kyotoanimation]( un… ikahodo… byebee….

S.ifr number zero

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trilogy always tend to walk backwards… ugwaaaaa… tanoshimi.. next 25th July My-ZHime (Mai - Otome) S.ifr DVD 2 will released well… i’ve been waiting for this serial…. khu khu khu s.ifr spelled shifuru is taken from Arabian word for zero… (this is the cool part) the story is about Rena Sayers.. Arika’s mother and Shifuru Fran, Nina’s Mother [![](http://shinushite](http://shinushite.files.w dvd 1 cover gotta review the story next time

not only twisted rumba

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[ ](http://s hear the original soundtrack from sayonara zetsubo sensei.. uta mono kessaku senshuu there is 14 tracks. includes opening and ending from both seasons.. both seasons opening song performed by Kenji Ohtsuki he also known performing ending for NHk ni Youkoso… all of his songs were messed up… both lyric and music but it can make nice song to hear… my choice track is marionette performed by ROLLY and zetsubou shoujotachi (the girls seiyuu) the sound reminds me to the 80’s… here is the track list… 1.