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Should I go back to college?

·3 mins
Following the trend of anti- and pro- college posts in Hacker News last night (in my timezone). I want to write my current situation. Also I should clear up this matter since probably some friends think that I think I don’t need college degree of some sort. That’s wrong. I do think I need college degree. I don’t ever dream to compare myself to antics such as Steve Jobs or Larry Ellison.

More Layout Update

·3 mins

I apologize for the inconvenience to refreshing your browser cache. For I randomly changing the site’s layout. Now I made the whole page a bit smaller, including the fonts. Also fixed mobile view for navigation bar. Which is hacky.

So it appears that this theme support mobile view (duh). That navigation bar above will shrink and turn into drop down menu if browsed from mobile device. And it happened that I broke this feature when I moved the search box to the sidebar.

Here be the aforementioned feature in javascript.

function getNav() {
  var mobileNav = $('nav[role=navigation] fieldset[role=search]').after('<fieldset class="mobile-nav"></fieldset>').next().append('<select></select>');
  mobileNav.children('select').append('<option value="">Navigate&hellip;</option>');
  $('ul.main-navigation a').each(function(link) {
    mobileNav.children('select').append('<option value="'+link.href+'">&raquo; '+link.text+'</option>');
  $('ul.subscription a').each(function(link) {
    mobileNav.children('select').append('<option value="'+link.href+'">&raquo; '+link.text+'</option>');
  mobileNav.children('select').bind('change', function(event) {
    if ( { window.location.href =; }

Weekly maintenance, as if

·1 min
New banner by Poco/Asahiage and various layout update. I returned the site to its classic layout, but change the banner implementation using the usual img tag rather than css background-image property. Also removed webfont usage, and using standard fonts available. Behind the scene, I concatenate modernizr and ender into one file. And just remembered that I supposed to post something about Your Diary, after the break.

So I thought this would do for an update

·2 mins

This is actually happened few days ago. Somehow I accidentally broke my tablet. The touch panel were cracked, and although the device still intact and operating normally, without any input device it isn’t really useful.

While I lost my ebook reader. Looking from the bright side, now I have something to hack into, hardware-wise. Also that means I don’t have to wait for Raspberry pi.

I change the banner

·1 min
Looks like I tend to change my blog layout rather than write some posts, haha. Well the current temporary banner is Konohana Lucia from Rewrite. I just find out that Key was doing some kind of characters ranking for Rewrite, and surprisingly Akane got the first place. Haven’t had time to play the game any further, so I know nothing about its story.

Small updates

·1 min

Certain dawn at certain place.

picture not related

Theme updated!

·1 min
Ja, jan~! It’s a bit inspired from twitter’s bootstrap layout. I just cut the banner and made the navigation bar floating like that. I’m preparing some plugins for this site right now, will put them at github when they ready.

Second batch update

·2 mins
Ah, hello. I was trying to move wordpress comments to disqus before and turn out failed. Seems disqus doesn’t support post link edit, and the comments still refer to As for now I try to pull out some kind of site monitoring system. Been searching on various projects and bumped to collectd. Since collectd main function is to collect various data, I still have to tinker some more to represents the stats.

New Blog! and it starts with nothing

·1 min
Hello world! Here is my new blog. It’s powered by Octopress so it’s just static site served from nginx. That is my sole reason to use Octopress, so I don’t have to bother with PHP and database installation (haha). Furthermore I will start to post some random daily (might not) reports on tech stuff, and/or anything(s) I find worth to blog. I’ll try to import all of my previous wordpress blog here later (been figuring out how).

First batch update

·1 min
Okay, it’s updated. I just import all of my previous posts from wordpress, the next is to import all comments to disqus. The import process were run smoothly using exitWP. Except note that, you have to edit wordpress exported file by adding this line xmlns:atom="" at rss node, or else it will raise exception since the parser can’t find any definition for atom prefix. Some posts still messed up, I have to edit some of image tags by hand.