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Things I did randomly last week

·6 mins
I actually have like 3 post drafts queued before this, 2 reviews for the Hibike! Euphonium ending, and a note on how I rewrote shreds with ES2015, ractiveJS, and a bastardized Flux architecture. But anyway, I kind of in the mood for writing about things I did last week. So it just came to me that it’s probably about time to rotate my SSH keys, random public keys started to piled up at my GitHub and Bitbucket account and I decided to remove them all and start with the new one.


Go 1.4, setuid and linux's capabilities feature

·2 mins
This first came to me when I realized my newly compiled socks5dns spew error failing at dropping user privilege, since I run it on an arm machine I thought it was specific error for arm-based linux only. But then I checked this on an x86 and it still behave the same, after looking into some source codes apparently Go’s syscall.Setuid is not supported in linux. But hey, it was worked before, what the fuss?