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·2 mins

Now I will going into technical details inside imgpop.

Like I said in the previous post. I extends Brian’s imgpopup and do some makeup to things. At the backend, I use mini_magick to actually save the resized image, and use that as preview/thumbnail. Here’s the snippet.

# Open the source image, and scale it accordingly.
image =
vars['full_width'] = image[:width]
vars['full_height'] = image[:height]
image.resize "#{@percent}%"

rpath = source+ resized_image
if not File.exists? rpath
# Actually save the image
  image.format "jpg"
  image.quality "92"
  image.write rpath

  # This is the tricky part
  # we should register the new created file
  # since Jekyll already indexed all files before
  context.registers[:site].static_files <<
          context.registers[:site], source, File.dirname(@path.sub(%r{^/}, '')),
  print "image saved to #{rpath}\n"

Theme updated!

·1 min
Ja, jan~! It’s a bit inspired from twitter’s bootstrap layout. I just cut the banner and made the navigation bar floating like that. I’m preparing some plugins for this site right now, will put them at github when they ready.

Second batch update

·2 mins
Ah, hello. I was trying to move wordpress comments to disqus before and turn out failed. Seems disqus doesn’t support post link edit, and the comments still refer to As for now I try to pull out some kind of site monitoring system. Been searching on various projects and bumped to collectd. Since collectd main function is to collect various data, I still have to tinker some more to represents the stats.

New Blog! and it starts with nothing

·1 min
Hello world! Here is my new blog. It’s powered by Octopress so it’s just static site served from nginx. That is my sole reason to use Octopress, so I don’t have to bother with PHP and database installation (haha). Furthermore I will start to post some random daily (might not) reports on tech stuff, and/or anything(s) I find worth to blog. I’ll try to import all of my previous wordpress blog here later (been figuring out how).

First batch update

·1 min
Okay, it’s updated. I just import all of my previous posts from wordpress, the next is to import all comments to disqus. The import process were run smoothly using exitWP. Except note that, you have to edit wordpress exported file by adding this line xmlns:atom="" at rss node, or else it will raise exception since the parser can’t find any definition for atom prefix. Some posts still messed up, I have to edit some of image tags by hand.


So how it goes

·2 mins
I’m writing this on firefox at karmic beta…. so far I’m not too impressed by karmic. Since I’m using win7 for a while by now. Yes there’s a lot of win7 feature that amused me. end user wise… Windows live feature is great, I know microsoft tried to explore something like apple’s iLife. but it’s not rly problem here. windows7 succeed make this feature usable. another great feature is the whole windows explorer system, and its control panel.

tenshinranman update

·1 min
woops… another 2 weeks to go… as I post before, [Yuzusoft](http://yuzu- and Lump of Sugar apparently doing a campaign together to promote their latest visual novel yet to be released on May 29th. I’m just checking out Yuzosoft official site. And found that Yuzusoft has done some great work back there… It’s decided that they still using kiri-kiri as tenshinranman engine. But look up on the spec page. I believe they doing some customization to the engine.

The daemon, I fall in love with

·2 mins
Uhm, it might be better if I refer to this post first. I was using exaile as my default music player, and used to think that exaile is better than the others… well. It’s kind of retarded. But then I found Quod libet is more mature, and slightly faster. So I’m moving to quod libet… FMI (for my information, since I doubt there’s anyone would read this) both of them is built upon python.


·1 min
Key visualart’s yet to be latest visual novel, rewrite, just have its official website built. and it means the campaign is also officially started… so, go ahead take a visit by clicking the banner at the side bar… info (in english) about rewrite can be viewed at wikipedia… too lazy to embed the link here. so take a search by yourself… And this is conclude the HD era of visual novel has come… apparently rewrite will be released in HD format too just as [tenshinranman](http://shinushite.

Tenshin-Ranman & Tayutama release date decided...

·1 min
Yuzu-Soft already announce release date for their latest visual novel, which will be released on HD 1280x720 resolution. can’t wait, hope they still using kirikiri… tenshin-ranman will be available on market at May, 25th 2009… and this is the best info… Yuzu-soft and Lump of sugar doing campaign together to promote both tayutama -it’s happy days-, and tenshin-ranman which is released on May, 29th 2009… whooop… tayutama’s sequel…. must get it… [!