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on OSX

·2 mins

So, I’ve been using an mba for the last 4 months, and it’s quite nice. The case is shiny and all, it is lightweight, and the desktop is beautiful for a BSD-ish OS. I was a bit worried the experience will turned out like Brendan Gregg’s osx-kernel-crash, good thing it’s not happened (probably yet). Though yes, I’ve experienced a lot of rendering glitches on Mavericks (too bad no snapshot on this), which is quite embarrassing, it makes you feel like using win98 all over again.

Overall, it’s fast, quite contrary to the most complain I heard about OSX being slow. While I think it’s mostly thanks to the SSD. I kind of suspecting people say OSX being slow since they closing apps via the close button or Cmd-W (which is just closing/hiding the window), and not using Cmd-Q to actually closing the app.

While I said the desktop is beautiful, it’s just beautiful on a glance. Things aren’t look any better after a while. And yep, this is also applies to Yosemite. I spend the day mostly on iTerm in fullscreen mode, and only back to the desktop for browser-related stuff.