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random stuff


let just say, I'm gettin bored

·1 min
And I don’t even remember the last time I’m having fun with it… so I decide to tear down my account… catch me on irc, or ym… no hard feelings

Kimi ijou, boku miman

·1 min
Kimi ga warau, tabi ni kieru uwakuchibiru purasu omeme namida nagasu tabi ni fueru hoho ni dekiru yasashisa no yo suki tte ite daisuki tte chousuki tte iyattemiru suki mo se kurabe kyou wa kore kurai ni shitoite yaru yo boku wa itsudatte doko datte kimi ga daisuki dakara itsudatte umasou na no chigai ageru no desu… no desu… kimi yori kawaii ko kimi yori yasashii ko kimi yori mune no ooki na ko


·1 min
fresh student hobby : the reaction is as expected


I miss my 1st ever beach party T_T

·1 min
it sucks, I really want to go… I think I’m not in good situation to going vacation somewhere, as current I have some project to do. there’s not so much time since I have to finish the report by now. But then I think. it supposed to be alright if I just go join the folks. it’s not so big deal to pending the project and spend some time to do some fun.

self reminder

·1 min
to : me from : myself please think twice (or more) before write something and decide to publish it…

Proof that Touko is a real monster...

·1 min
according to what Touko said, there’s three way for monster to terrifying someone. 1. The monster should not speak 2. The monster should not identified 3. The monster can’t die Yes this cute monster can’t speak but we can clearly identify what exactly this thing is… :3 [![](http://shinushite.files.wordpre]( /02/shot0003.png) and this is the “real” monster [![shot0005](http://shinushite.files.wordpress. com/2009/02/shot0005.png?w=300)]( /shot0005.png) crap…

ef-tale of rants

·1 min
just watched the last episode from ef tale of melodies and I’m kind of impressed, this serial leave different feeling compared to the visual novel. Shaft and minori had the story re-arranged and instead of sad and melancholic feeling from the game, the serial gives hopeful and happiness feeling, and some lol-ness between them… this is from the game : and this is from the serial ![snapshot20090103053512](http://shinushite.files.wordpress .com/2009/01/snapshot20090103053512.jpg?w=300) and they really wear it together OMG, it’s so enviable….


zfs already used in BSD, what's goin on with linux?

·2 mins
uhmm… that was my very first question about zfs I know you can use zfs via fuse, but still it’s officially not supported. BSD itself still have a lot of works to do, since they missing some key feature on zfs. BSD’s zfs kernel module still doesn’t implement iSCSI, as far as I know… also both of disk and memory load will insanely increased only from a bit high public ftp server operation.

my current anime watch list

·1 min
title episode status Akane iro ni somaru saka 2/3 [ongoing] Ga-Rei Zero 2/3 [ongoing] Kannagi 2/3 [ongoing] Hyakko 2/2 [ongoing] Kyo no Go no Ni 1/2 [ongoing] Shikabane Hime Aka 2/2 [ongoing] Clannad ~After Story~ 3/3 [ongoing] Earl and Fairy 1/2 [ongoing] Toaru Majutsu no Index 2/3 [ongoing] Toradora 1/3 [ongoing] Kemeko DX 2/2 [ongoing] … this season is too much


·1 min
is there anyone read kyoanibon….? well. for the intro… kyotoanimation release regularly published magazine on the internet… so called kyoanibon it contains random stuff from kyoto animation.. staff room, chit-chat, arts gallery, light novel, and manga… last month.. this magazine has reached vol 15… well… hope someone translate samurai to princess… this novel seems c ool….[ ](http://s