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Marble's Hatsukoi limited win

·1 min
ha… yesterday I got the copy of their single… this is their first single for this year after compilation album in Hidamari Land go Land. And Marble apparently back to they old music style… yay~ well since their third album “te no hira” was kind of blended, I guess… micco’s voice getting too low in several tracks >__< but Hatsukoi Limited just give my old sensation about their music nice guitar sound and mellow voice win… this is the track list:


·1 min
Yep… this is the latest Round Table feat. Nino’s album Distance includes 5 tracks from their previous singles + 1 song originally sung by Makino Yui for Aria the Origination sound track, and 6 original tracks intro & fade out track. Dont know why, but still their music color so refreshing in my ears…. Round Table keep their music pace on this album, but yet all the songs sounds fresh as it newly released… Even if you already listen to Atashi datte onaji koto omotteru yo, or Koi wo Shiteru for thousands time… well for me, the most outstanding song is Yokogao, it gives me deja vu… and yes, the song was originally used as insert song on Aria the Origination, but it was performed by Makino Yui… Unlike Symphony, which is re arranged.


Round table is still the best...

·1 min
surely… …………….. I’m just get their latest single nagareboshi, ending theme from yozakura quartet. the music itself is so colorful… and cute voice from nino is a plus… round table still keep their music pace… and i love it… the second track titled akane iro no sentimental akane iro…? doesn’t it remind you with the dusk at the autumn…? red colour everywhere… the music sounds a little melancholic for me… i love the acoustic guitar… at the intro… and last track inori wow, i can’t wait till 12.

not only twisted rumba

·1 min
[ ](http://s hear the original soundtrack from sayonara zetsubo sensei.. uta mono kessaku senshuu there is 14 tracks. includes opening and ending from both seasons.. both seasons opening song performed by Kenji Ohtsuki he also known performing ending for NHk ni Youkoso… all of his songs were messed up… both lyric and music but it can make nice song to hear… my choice track is marionette performed by ROLLY and zetsubou shoujotachi (the girls seiyuu) the sound reminds me to the 80’s… here is the track list… 1.

Ookami to tabi no ongaku

·2 mins
the song of the wolf and journey original soundtrack from spice and wolf (ookami to koushinryou) it’s an anime serial with 12 episode + 1 special DVD this serial was just ended… i’ve got the album yesterday… and notice that it just good…. i love the music… it feels like you were brought to the old europe era… surrounded with minstrel, sound of bagpipe, mandolin, etc..etc.. :p yeah… and there’s a song with title