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so here is vyw

·2 mins
I supposed to write this weeks ago though, anyway. Here is vyw, it’s a client side file browser. Vyw actually is a continuation of this post. At least the idea was already popped up around that time, but I only had the chance to tinker around it few weeks ago. So the idea was to have this fully functional file browser, or specifically, images browser with thumbnail view, which usually achieved with server-side app, backed only with nginx.


Things I did randomly last week

·6 mins
I actually have like 3 post drafts queued before this, 2 reviews for the Hibike! Euphonium ending, and a note on how I rewrote shreds with ES2015, ractiveJS, and a bastardized Flux architecture. But anyway, I kind of in the mood for writing about things I did last week. So it just came to me that it’s probably about time to rotate my SSH keys, random public keys started to piled up at my GitHub and Bitbucket account and I decided to remove them all and start with the new one.

shreds: on the javascript

·5 mins

Currently working on the re-implementation of shreds client-side and move to es6 while I’m on it. Figured out I might as well write some note on its current implementation, annotating the caveats or something.

Anyway, the main concept was to be able to add new feature (to the app) quickly, while maintaining the whole (supposed to be modular) structure. The whole app is started with this main (singleton) object called shreds.

This was arrived yesterday

·1 min
Adding this to my mcu list, an ARM Cortex M4 development board series from ST, powered by STM32F401. Throwed this in when I purchased ESP8266 from seeedstudio. Cheap-cost and fast delivery inspite of shipped via registered mail. And I still waiting for another 4 packages queued at this month.

First Post!

·1 min
Oh hey, first post in 2015. This week has been really intense, while it’s not stressful. I was kinda expecting more relaxing and peaceful year’s end I guess.


migrating image assets

·1 min

Still in progress migrating all images assets to some dedicated storage.

I find that managing assets for this blog, manually copy and arranging all the images to the source folder is a bit a downer. So then I use imgur since I can just setup shareX to directly upload images / automatically upload screenshots, it was good enough until I found out that some of our isp actually blocking access to imgur. Since I’m not into dropbox, and is not an option since it removes images after some months of inactivities, I decide to setup my own storage service, nginx-based webdav. Now probably it’s just a matter of time until someone ownd my server… welp ._.

In another note, here be some mashiro-cat (image not related but serves as a good sample):

got the launchpad

·2 mins

Here’s the new toy. An evaluation board of the legendary MSP430 series. It comes with 2 MCUs the MSP430G2553, a spare MSP4302452, and an 32kHz crystal for external oscillator. I’ll be working with MSP430G2553 mainly because it has twice the memory of the latter, another reason is since MSP430G2553 has its own h/w UART support, but since the board could do soft emulation for the UART (need jumper switching and some emulation code though), I think I will tinkering with the latter too, that is after I comfortable with the UART setup.


·2 mins

I’ve been putting up some courage to actually write about this thing. Started working on this roughly 1 and a half years ago, I believe it was not long after Google initially announced that they’ll closing Google Reader.

As I realized that I never build any barely-usable so-called-product, also for the fact that my related skills on this were sound more like a joke, I kept the repository private for some months. It was really hard when feedbin announced, since we both built based on the same stack (We both based on ruby on rails, and using feedzira (later feedjira) as our core feed fetcher). I think I was supposed to drop the project and use feedbin instead, considering it’s waaay more superior in addition of its massive community.

rusty quine

·1 min
This is an old entry actually: fn main() { let text = r##" println!("fn main() {}\n let text = {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{};\n{};\n{}", "{", "r", "#", "#", '"', text, '"', "#", "#", text, "}")"##; println!("fn main() {}\n let text = {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{};\n{};\n{}", "{", "r", "#", "#", '"', text, '"', "#", "#", text, "}"); } That is the first quine and the first rust code I have ever written. Really want to actually invest some time on this language.

does this thing still on?

·1 min
I think some time along the way when I planned to do this writeup-series about wrk etc… I got a bit overwhelmed by the lack of the C knowledge I have. And the fact that wrk is pretty much a fast-moving target. As of currently, it even already has Lua scripting support backed by LuaJIT. So while half part of myself really want to continue with the writeup, the other half wants to write about another things.