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opensolaris, dd usb image.

·2 mins
It was well known, that Open Solaris Development Team doesn’t support osol USB image. generate this automatically. And it’s recommended to use usbcopy shell script from within Open Solaris to dump that image into bootable flash drive. Yes, the folks had fuss about it. It is useless indeed, in my situation, to use Open Solaris to create another bootable source, since I don’t have Open Solaris on my system, and I don’t have “sane” optical drive.

So how it goes

·2 mins
I’m writing this on firefox at karmic beta…. so far I’m not too impressed by karmic. Since I’m using win7 for a while by now. Yes there’s a lot of win7 feature that amused me. end user wise… Windows live feature is great, I know microsoft tried to explore something like apple’s iLife. but it’s not rly problem here. windows7 succeed make this feature usable. another great feature is the whole windows explorer system, and its control panel.

so, w3c standard is not that strict!

·1 min
[This]( html401-19991224/interact/scripts.html#h- so there’s no problem actually, if the java script placed inline the html body. yay~

my phail html fraemwerk

·1 min
To inquiry the old design on my latest project, as I decide to re-design it to use MVC model, I need some html rendering class to create some gridview and form-like view. I know that it would be easier to write inline html in the code. But it would be harder to maintain as the file number increase. So I think if I use this framework to do the job it would be looked more neat, or no?

The daemon, I fall in love with

·2 mins
Uhm, it might be better if I refer to this post first. I was using exaile as my default music player, and used to think that exaile is better than the others… well. It’s kind of retarded. But then I found Quod libet is more mature, and slightly faster. So I’m moving to quod libet… FMI (for my information, since I doubt there’s anyone would read this) both of them is built upon python.

kernel, filsystem, rants :: what I've been doing recently

·5 mins
So… I’m getting excited about current linux kernel issues, afaik the latest stable kernel released is 2.6.29. even though a lot of distro has just only begun using 2.6.28. and the most interesting is its newest filesystem support. Umm I think it will be a little bit technical so if you don’t understand you can’t stop reading right here… No, I’m not a kernel developer nor on building new linux kernel for these couple days.

securing html form

·2 mins
Why we have to make sure our html form is secure?? ‘cuz we don’t want someone doing something silly to our website, avoiding cross site scripting and negate injection or hijacking… well, I guess there’s a lot of method to prevent those things… mm, and I found mine… dunno if someone already come up with the same method… I don’t do any research on this… so I won’t claim anything about the method… and I hope no one do something retard like claiming this method as their… Oh, and I think this method is old… not too smart… and might be easy to get hacked… So, the problem is : 1.

KiriKiri revealed (2)

·1 min
As I continued along… KiriKiri game system itself contains command line debugger and simple editor. KAG is already packed with a template for common visual novel system. And it structured by folder, which is packed in xp3 file at final release. This is the common file system in KAG visual novel: data | -startup.tjs (startup script, game starts here) | -bgimage -[all background images here] | -bgm -[background music here] | -fgimage -[ie.

KiriKiri revealed (1st trial)

·2 mins
[ ](http:/ / Continuing my previous post about visual novel engine, now I’ll try to write something about KiriKiri, this engine is the most interesting IMO, well currently I don’t really know when KiriKiri introduced into public, but it seems on early 2003. Built on C++, this engine turn out to be the most flexible and extendable visual novel engine on the market. KiriKiri itself is a complex platform containing interpreter, multimedia renderer, encryption handler, and file system implementation.


beyond the seen

·2 mins
I think I will write something about visual novel engine… well I assume you were familiar with visual novel. there’s a bunch of engine out there on the internet to build your own visual novel… some of them were free, and open source, and the rest will make you pay for it. Right now there at least 3 stand out engines. first is NScripter/ONScripter, RealLive. and TVP/KiriKiri. Since Leaf use their own engine we wont mentioned it…