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Visual Novel


on aokana

·1 min
Currently browsing my image storage and just saw this: Reminded myself that rikarika~ can be manipulative sometimes… that’s just adorable. Also if I recall correctly, I took roughly 14-months to finish imouto-route on imaimo, the first route I finished for Sprite’s previous game (under fairys name). Can’t expect to finish this aokana sometime soon either.


Witch's Garden

·1 min
Really can’t blame Ayari there… No one would guessed that the most respected onee-sama turned out to be a loli{% fn_ref 1 %} This one is a bit unexpected, godly-magnanimous Ririko-oneesama >__< I’m squealing… {% footnotes %} {% fn I had arguments about Ririko appearance for being loli or not, but Ayari really mean it when she said she didn’t expect Ririko to be that small %} {% endfootnotes %}

Your Diary

·2 mins

Your Diary was released last year by Cube, with Kantoku as illustrator. This is their second project after Natsu no Ame and using Kirikiri as the game engine.

I haven’t finished playing yet, and this might take some time as my deficiency on reading kanji. The story itself is on average, and I can keep up playing this since it’s illustrated by Kantoku.

These girls are in denial

·1 min

It’s been a while since the last time I write about visual novel.
Currently trying to finish Your Diary and Mashiro-iro Symphony, I might post something about Your Diary later, want to say something about Mashiro-iro Symphony first.

Mashiro-iro Symphony actually released at 2009, and animated by Manglobe last autumn. I’m a bit dissapointed though, since our main character end up with Miu rather than Airi or Sana :p.

Anyway, I’m just started playing the game, and it’s interesting. But since I can barely read the kanji, don’t ask me for story details.

Still, it’s fun to watch Airi actually questioning boys existence.

That sure reminds me to another series which also depicted girls in similar scene, though the latter is way more fascinating. Here,