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Javascript Is the New ABI

·9 mins
I’ve been twiddling around WASM related stacks lately, not exactly focusing on the WASM itself, but rather on developing a web app with a single programming language stack. Both Tauri and Wails allow a desktop app to be powered by web platform a la electron. What’s different is Tauri is written for Rust, and Wails is written for Go, both framework also utilizing libwebkit or native webview from the OS itself, not defaulting to embedded webkit & v8 like electron does.

Nerd Sniped About Go

·6 mins

I would like to dump some of my thoughts about what I’d rather do when writing some Go.



·2 mins

Figure out I might just write about this first.

So I rewrote vyw with rust + wasm and rename it as vywrs.


Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card 1

·2 mins

Cardcaptor Sakura always has this special slot in my favorite list. It’s always been fun and heartwarming, and I especially enjoy when people talking about the series.



so here is vyw

·2 mins
I supposed to write this weeks ago though, anyway. Here is vyw, it’s a client side file browser. Vyw actually is a continuation of this post. At least the idea was already popped up around that time, but I only had the chance to tinker around it few weeks ago. So the idea was to have this fully functional file browser, or specifically, images browser with thumbnail view, which usually achieved with server-side app, backed only with nginx.


Things I did randomly last week

·6 mins
I actually have like 3 post drafts queued before this, 2 reviews for the Hibike! Euphonium ending, and a note on how I rewrote shreds with ES2015, ractiveJS, and a bastardized Flux architecture. But anyway, I kind of in the mood for writing about things I did last week. So it just came to me that it’s probably about time to rotate my SSH keys, random public keys started to piled up at my GitHub and Bitbucket account and I decided to remove them all and start with the new one.