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my current anime watch list

·1 min
title episode status Akane iro ni somaru saka 2/3 [ongoing] Ga-Rei Zero 2/3 [ongoing] Kannagi 2/3 [ongoing] Hyakko 2/2 [ongoing] Kyo no Go no Ni 1/2 [ongoing] Shikabane Hime Aka 2/2 [ongoing] Clannad ~After Story~ 3/3 [ongoing] Earl and Fairy 1/2 [ongoing] Toaru Majutsu no Index 2/3 [ongoing] Toradora 1/3 [ongoing] Kemeko DX 2/2 [ongoing] … this season is too much

S.ifr number zero

·1 min
trilogy always tend to walk backwards… ugwaaaaa… tanoshimi.. next 25th July My-ZHime (Mai - Otome) S.ifr DVD 2 will released well… i’ve been waiting for this serial…. khu khu khu s.ifr spelled shifuru is taken from Arabian word for zero… (this is the cool part) the story is about Rena Sayers.. Arika’s mother and Shifuru Fran, Nina’s Mother [![](http://shinushite](http://shinushite.files.w dvd 1 cover gotta review the story next time

Clannad After story

·1 min
yes, i’m just watched the extra episode and found that kyoto animation being working on the After story and, there’s ushio… still can found the main story about… but it might be released on OVA, or the second season wait peacefully everyone…..

Ookami to tabi no ongaku

·2 mins
the song of the wolf and journey original soundtrack from spice and wolf (ookami to koushinryou) it’s an anime serial with 12 episode + 1 special DVD this serial was just ended… i’ve got the album yesterday… and notice that it just good…. i love the music… it feels like you were brought to the old europe era… surrounded with minstrel, sound of bagpipe, mandolin, etc..etc.. :p yeah… and there’s a song with title

unfortunate kindness

·1 min
zetsubou shita.. ep.5 zoku Sayonara zetsubou sensei tells about how kindness can be made just because one reason… show off…. (LOL) a monk give a coat to cover a poor man from snow… the man said nothing… the monk then ask “is it warmer?” but then he noticed he asked the man cause he want the man to say thank you… and the story flowing…. the fortunate bag…. japanese departement store sometimes sell a bag contained with random usable (usually) stuff called fortunate bag because we don’t know the content before we open it… itoshiki sensei mumbling that the fortunate bags is always filled with leftover thanks to kafuka she says that leftover were still usable….