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zfs already used in BSD, what's goin on with linux?

·2 mins
uhmm… that was my very first question about zfs I know you can use zfs via fuse, but still it’s officially not supported. BSD itself still have a lot of works to do, since they missing some key feature on zfs. BSD’s zfs kernel module still doesn’t implement iSCSI, as far as I know… also both of disk and memory load will insanely increased only from a bit high public ftp server operation.

no mad en

·1 min
Sabtu kemarin, ada training cakru a.r.c yang ke-2. dan di situ dibahas soal freeBSD. sayang yang dibahas nggak banyak…. mestinya kak Alwin (yang ngisi pelatihan) ngbahas soal sistem partisi/slice di BSD. karena ini kan yang jadi basic instalasi nanti… ya… mestinya kalau dah tau soal slice… pas nginstall nggak akan khawatir data ilang lah…. oke… karena tugasnya adalah instalasi freeBSD, dii-review dan di-post di sini, beserta snapshot nya… mungkin beberapa hari lagi saya post lah…