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Clannad After story

·1 min
yes, i’m just watched the extra episode and found that kyoto animation being working on the After story and, there’s ushio… still can found the main story about… but it might be released on OVA, or the second season wait peacefully everyone…..

Clannad ep.21

·1 min
recently Tomoya had live under the same roof with Nagisa… preparation for school festival has been started.. this episode start with everyone practicing their vocal… reading a long full of hard to read text… nagisa decided to play an hitorishibai (soliloquy) about “the only girl in the nothing’s world” (if i’m not mistaken) nagisa told tomoya before that she had something to apologies to her parents, but forget what it is….

brokenheart's week

·1 min
yes… that’s for this week…. several anime i’ve watched for this week has a same theme… broken heart… clannad ep.18 Okazaki Tomoya has suspended in a place of Sakagami Tomoyo, because the fighting with some bad boys… recently tomoyo have been come along to Okazaki’s house every morning to wake, and pick him up to the school, Furukawa Nagisa still resting because her fever… knowing that Tomoyo aiming for the student council.