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The daemon, I fall in love with

·2 mins
Uhm, it might be better if I refer to this post first. I was using exaile as my default music player, and used to think that exaile is better than the others… well. It’s kind of retarded. But then I found Quod libet is more mature, and slightly faster. So I’m moving to quod libet… FMI (for my information, since I doubt there’s anyone would read this) both of them is built upon python.


fair good music player...

·2 mins
since I decide to use fully gtk based application on my Gnome Desktop, I’ve got some media players installed… let says… Banshee, Audacious, BMPx, Exaile, RhythmBox, Totem, Quark, Aqualung, Bluemindo,… etc,etc… umm.. yes it kind a useless to install all of them, when you will use only one player instead… so, I do some benchmarking to all of them… first is… usability, then simplicity, the last is feature… great music player must implement this quote… ‘it just works…’ yes.