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The daemon, I fall in love with

·2 mins
Uhm, it might be better if I refer to this post first. I was using exaile as my default music player, and used to think that exaile is better than the others… well. It’s kind of retarded. But then I found Quod libet is more mature, and slightly faster. So I’m moving to quod libet… FMI (for my information, since I doubt there’s anyone would read this) both of them is built upon python.

kernel, filsystem, rants :: what I've been doing recently

·5 mins
So… I’m getting excited about current linux kernel issues, afaik the latest stable kernel released is 2.6.29. even though a lot of distro has just only begun using 2.6.28. and the most interesting is its newest filesystem support. Umm I think it will be a little bit technical so if you don’t understand you can’t stop reading right here… No, I’m not a kernel developer nor on building new linux kernel for these couple days.


zfs already used in BSD, what's goin on with linux?

·2 mins
uhmm… that was my very first question about zfs I know you can use zfs via fuse, but still it’s officially not supported. BSD itself still have a lot of works to do, since they missing some key feature on zfs. BSD’s zfs kernel module still doesn’t implement iSCSI, as far as I know… also both of disk and memory load will insanely increased only from a bit high public ftp server operation.