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my phail html fraemwerk

·1 min
To inquiry the old design on my latest project, as I decide to re-design it to use MVC model, I need some html rendering class to create some gridview and form-like view. I know that it would be easier to write inline html in the code. But it would be harder to maintain as the file number increase. So I think if I use this framework to do the job it would be looked more neat, or no?

securing html form

·2 mins
Why we have to make sure our html form is secure?? ‘cuz we don’t want someone doing something silly to our website, avoiding cross site scripting and negate injection or hijacking… well, I guess there’s a lot of method to prevent those things… mm, and I found mine… dunno if someone already come up with the same method… I don’t do any research on this… so I won’t claim anything about the method… and I hope no one do something retard like claiming this method as their… Oh, and I think this method is old… not too smart… and might be easy to get hacked… So, the problem is : 1.