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So how it goes

·2 mins
I’m writing this on firefox at karmic beta…. so far I’m not too impressed by karmic. Since I’m using win7 for a while by now. Yes there’s a lot of win7 feature that amused me. end user wise… Windows live feature is great, I know microsoft tried to explore something like apple’s iLife. but it’s not rly problem here. windows7 succeed make this feature usable. another great feature is the whole windows explorer system, and its control panel.


lontara setelah konde....

·1 min
nggak mau komentar banyak-banyak sih… salah satu distro favorit saya (mungkin karena derivative nya ubuntu :P ) blankon… rilis versi 3 nya dengan codename lontara… di versi ini blankon melepaskan 2 versi liveCD (seperti biasa) versi standard dan versi minimalis… entah apa maksudnya, karena nggak kaya konde yang ngeluarin versi alternate, lontara malah dikeluarin dengan versi minimalis… aplikasinya mang lebih ringan (kayanya…) browser epiphany ngegantiin firefox… for your information : epiphany meload html lebih lama ketimbang firefox… ada abiword ngegantiin open office writer… (oke…) tapi ukuran isonya lebih besar 10mb o_O….

Clannad ep.21

·1 min
recently Tomoya had live under the same roof with Nagisa… preparation for school festival has been started.. this episode start with everyone practicing their vocal… reading a long full of hard to read text… nagisa decided to play an hitorishibai (soliloquy) about “the only girl in the nothing’s world” (if i’m not mistaken) nagisa told tomoya before that she had something to apologies to her parents, but forget what it is….

it's a kind of

·1 min
whack… it’s been a few days since i write for my blog again… yesterday i watch my long time waited anime serial ReC little dissappointed tough… i hope this serial will take longer episodes.. this anime consist 9 episodes with each duration 12.05 minutes opening included…. the story is about Aka Onda… the seiyuu rookies.. and the main male character.. i’m forgot his name… they met when the male waiting for his girlfriend to watch movie….