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not only twisted rumba

·1 min
[ ](http://s hear the original soundtrack from sayonara zetsubo sensei.. uta mono kessaku senshuu there is 14 tracks. includes opening and ending from both seasons.. both seasons opening song performed by Kenji Ohtsuki he also known performing ending for NHk ni Youkoso… all of his songs were messed up… both lyric and music but it can make nice song to hear… my choice track is marionette performed by ROLLY and zetsubou shoujotachi (the girls seiyuu) the sound reminds me to the 80’s… here is the track list… 1.

unfortunate kindness

·1 min
zetsubou shita.. ep.5 zoku Sayonara zetsubou sensei tells about how kindness can be made just because one reason… show off…. (LOL) a monk give a coat to cover a poor man from snow… the man said nothing… the monk then ask “is it warmer?” but then he noticed he asked the man cause he want the man to say thank you… and the story flowing…. the fortunate bag…. japanese departement store sometimes sell a bag contained with random usable (usually) stuff called fortunate bag because we don’t know the content before we open it… itoshiki sensei mumbling that the fortunate bags is always filled with leftover thanks to kafuka she says that leftover were still usable….