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aka onda アニメ rec review

whack… it’s been a few days since i write for my blog again… yesterday i watch my long time waited anime serial ReC little dissappointed tough… i hope this serial will take longer episodes.. this anime consist 9 episodes with each duration 12.05 minutes opening included…. the story is about Aka Onda… the seiyuu rookies.. and the main male character.. i’m forgot his name… they met when the male waiting for his girlfriend to watch movie…. desperate for waiting… the male intend to throw out the ticket then Aka come, pretends her voice as the ticket, and says.. don’t throw me out…. finally they watch the movie together… but unfortunately, at night Aka’s apartement has burned… they were living at the same neighborhood, and yes.. in the end… Aka and the male character… what his name again??? were living together… it’s been a long i wait for this serial… but little disappointing beside it short duration… the story is not mainly about seiyuu as i though before… but still i will recommend you to watch this anime…. especially if you want to know about seiyuu, japanese term for dubber…