neko is a cat....

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netbeans japanese community had announced their new mascot… neko bean… yes neko is ‘cat’ in japanese… nekobean is blue, cute and really ‘bean’ like… nekobean_smile.png

smiley nekobean

netbeans is a complete IDE for all your programming need, moreover it’s free and released under GNU license… netbeans is java centered, it support c++, ruby, and it’s extendable via thousands plug-ins… version 6.1 was released last December…. (if i’m not mistake)

well i love using netbeans… my first big project using netbeans was when i’m joined a Syariah Banking System application development team. i’m developing the reporting system…. well…. one thing i ever regret is netbeans performance when i using glassfish as application server.. it seems lacking…. i don’t know, maybe my machine specification that too low….