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marionette szs zetsubou zszs

hear the original soundtrack from sayonara zetsubo sensei.. uta mono kessaku senshuu there is 14 tracks. includes opening and ending from both seasons.. both seasons opening song performed by Kenji Ohtsuki he also known performing ending for NHk ni Youkoso… all of his songs were messed up… both lyric and music but it can make nice song to hear… my choice track is marionette performed by ROLLY and zetsubou shoujotachi (the girls seiyuu) the sound reminds me to the 80’s… here is the track list… 1. Hito to shite jiku ga bureteiru 2. Gouin ni Mai Yeah~ 3. Zessei Bijin 4. Kagerou 5. Dead, Line Dance, Death 6. Zesshou 7. Kusou Rumba 8. Koiji Romanesque 9. Marionette 10. Omamori 11. Lirycure Go! Go! 12. Horeppoi 13. Happy Nanchara 14. Buta no Gohan

just in case you curious… do not ever listen to : buta no gohan (pig’s food)… it serious….