virtualization, do we need it?

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some of us might ever hear about ulteo project… this project founder is ex mandriva developer, Gael Dauval. it looks like he and his team tried to design a slightly new concept about Operating System…. Okay… At first glance, I was curious… what could it be… this new concept about… and I think it wont hurts to keep an eye on it… so I decide to do research a bit… and… at first phase… Ulteo come with full installation CD, this OS named Sirius (codename), and nothing special on it… it was look like just another linux distribution… and then… something changed… ulteo suddenly talks about shared desktop, online desktop, etc.. hng… well… I know current computing trends tend to keep anything as green as possible, (you know what I mean…) and many companies doing heavily research on virtualization with the same reason. minimized resources as much as possible… but do we really need it…? based on my experience as end user… virtual desktop won’t be useful, I’d rather choose to create portable OS, or remote desktop than using virtual desktop. I was using virtual desktop quite awhile and it isn’t effective for daily use. i know current virtual desktop using shared resource. but the server itself will have a weight load. and the clients must have some specific software installed… well it is not effective… why not using LTSP then…. you can even use diskless client… for me at least. It looks a lot more effective… it just.. IMO btw….