KiriKiri revealed (1st trial)

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Kirikiri natuzora TJS


Continuing my previous post about visual novel engine, now I’ll try to write something about KiriKiri, this engine is the most interesting IMO, well currently I don’t really know when KiriKiri introduced into public, but it seems on early 2003. Built on C++, this engine turn out to be the most flexible and extendable visual novel engine on the market. KiriKiri itself is a complex platform containing interpreter, multimedia renderer, encryption handler, and file system implementation. KiriKiri interpret TJS language, which is ECMAScript compliant, yet not compatible with java script. TJS itself was especially designed for KiriKiri platform, based on the system specification in which flexible and simple Object Oriented language needed.

for simple standard visual novel, Kirikiri was packed with KAG, which is stand for Kirikiri Adventure Game system, KAG is built on TJS, which is interpreted by Kirikiri, and KAG itself will interpret the game scenario, the scenario structured with markup tag which is similiar to BBS tag, using rectangled bracket. all data used in game including all cg, bgm, etc… stored in a certain filesystem called xp3. xp3 emulate real filesystem and store all the files neatly, have a good support on compression, and periodically improved encryption system. This one is important since all the stuffs must only accessed via the game interface only. You don’t want someone just steal your story, or take a peek on the images, or songs without play the game right… well I can’t say xp3 is real secured, but since it’s been open source and always updated, our worries is minimized…