KiriKiri revealed (2)

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11 eyes Kirikiri visual novel

As I continued along… KiriKiri game system itself contains command line debugger and simple editor. KAG is already packed with a template for common visual novel system. And it structured by folder, which is packed in xp3 file at final release. This is the common file system in KAG visual novel:

data | -startup.tjs (startup script, game starts here) | -bgimage -[all background images here] | -bgm -[background music here] | -fgimage -[ie. events cg, caharacter cg,…] | -image -[menu image, buttons, message box background,…] | -others -[other stuff here, fonts…???] | -rule -[game rules, basic plot, macros ???] | -scenario -[scenario (obviously)] | -sound -[sound effects, cast voice,…] | -system -[KAG system folder] | -video -[op, ed, …]

fortunately, there’s a development environment for KAG, KKDE (KiriKiri Development Environment), you can find the details about this software on japan sourceforge page. this software can help you to build professional visual novel with kirikiri effortlessly. Built upon visual studio 2005, KKDE featured with KAG, and TJS syntax highlighting, automated code completion, inline debugger. and integrated image viewer. I’ve tried KKDE, and I just like… Amazed. It sure look like a kind of professional RAD tools. and easy to understand even with Japanese UI.