The daemon, I fall in love with

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Uhm, it might be better if I refer to this post first. I was using exaile as my default music player, and used to think that exaile is better than the others… well. It’s kind of retarded. But then I found Quod libet is more mature, and slightly faster. So I’m moving to quod libet… FMI (for my information, since I doubt there’s anyone would read this) both of them is built upon python. So you/(I) can’t expect too much for their latency… But it’s tolerable srsly. And then. I’m trying this daemon thing called mpd, music player daemon. You can imagine there’s a service/daemon run in background process and serving you with music. And you can control them anywhere you like (clients)… you can use pidgimpd to control the player while chatting on pidgin, or sonata and gmpc if you prefer ordinary desktop application, Practical Music Search if you using terminal, and Minion to control mpd via firefox. I’m using all of them. Sonata and gmpc is the best client for desktop IMO, their can control your music library efficiently. but from its design, Sonata win because it much more simpler and usable. But gmpc is far more advance in features. Sonata is built using python and in the other hand gmpc built upon C and using custom library wrapper for accessing the daemon. There’s a bunch of terminal client for mpd but I prefer PMS, I won’t recommend anything. And the others is just miscellaneous so you can choose them as you like. Since all of the real music I/O is handled by the daemon. You can logout from your desktop, using full terminal mode, without any gap from the music.

As for me, that is awesome.

there’s a complete instruction at the site so just take a visit