tenshinranman update

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woops… another 2 weeks to go… as I post before, Yuzusoft and Lump of Sugar apparently doing a campaign together to promote their latest visual novel yet to be released on May 29th. I’m just checking out Yuzosoft official site. And found that Yuzusoft has done some great work back there… It’s decided that they still using kiri-kiri as tenshinranman engine. But look up on the spec page. I believe they doing some customization to the engine. Their kiri-kiri apparently will detect user’s monitor resolution and use it to decide graphic mode… Between 4:3 and HD 16:9. So the game will adapt and display 800x600 resolution if user doesn’t use wide screen, else the default screen mode is 1280x780 true HD display… and it’s look like they have bonus heroines. but haven’t confirmed yet… I think I will change the banner into Unohana Sakuya together with Kousaka Chihaya. But since Sakuya is god… she have to be alone… :>