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karmic koala preview review windows7

I’m writing this on firefox at karmic beta…. so far I’m not too impressed by karmic. Since I’m using win7 for a while by now. Yes there’s a lot of win7 feature that amused me. end user wise… Windows live feature is great, I know microsoft tried to explore something like apple’s iLife. but it’s not rly problem here. windows7 succeed make this feature usable. another great feature is the whole windows explorer system, and its control panel. yes another mac like interfacing, but microsoft succeed to show it up. I’m not using vista. and I’m not regret about it. but sure 7 is one stop OS for daily use.. its hardware recognition is perfect. at least for my machine. there’s no need to install 3rd party driver anymore… It can even recognized and use Epson CX4400 (rrr I forgot the series :p) scanner+printer, without external driver. – as for karmic… there’s not much different in interfacing design, canonical create another repo manager called ubuntu software center… but I still have to open ‘Add/Remove applications’ to enable community supported software, and non-free software repos. Oh and I just tried gnome-shell before… it still not usable… using clutter js bind is not bad if the JIT compiler is optimized. but it looks like there’s a long way to go… in short. its performance sucks. thei intel graphic module is updated… current kernel module fully use UXA method instead the old EXA for h/w accelerator. yeah the response time is getting faster than before. i guess gnome have to wait gnome- shell to rly show up its new faces.. even though their gdm is already updated… but nothing feels brand new.

well, just explore ‘em by yourself…