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bootable usb opensolaris

It was well known, that Open Solaris Development Team doesn’t support osol USB image. generate this automatically. And it’s recommended to use usbcopy shell script from within Open Solaris to dump that image into bootable flash drive. Yes, the folks had fuss about it. It is useless indeed, in my situation, to use Open Solaris to create another bootable source, since I don’t have Open Solaris on my system, and I don’t have “sane” optical drive. And hey, if I had one, I don’t need to create bootable USB right?

Thanks to Hiroshi Chonan, who creates this useful tools to dump the USB image from windows. Yay~ the problem solved…! NO!

It won’t boot, actually. My machine just give me ‘GRUB _’ on the left top of the screen (with the blinking cursor, yes). I’ve tried to investigate the problem, and currently exploring the source code right now, since I’ve got no expertise in C#, it might take a while.

The USB image itself is only disk dump from the root partition, the boot sector is not included. so you can’t just dd that image. or you can? Fortunately, Hiroshi Chonan himself say this on his blog, that you can concat the boot image (he called this head image), with the usb image and dd them to your flash drive. And it’s work…. yay.

Since I have enough space for now. I guess I will stick on it for now. fyi, I’m still using my Windows 7, and that fancy distro, err… what’s the name again… oh.. nebook remix, ubuntu. :p