Small updates

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Certain dawn at certain place. picture not related

It’s only small enhancement though.
First is image border, I fixed the size to 5 pixels. Its previous value use em and it’s too big for my taste, so I think I’d just get the size fixed. Also there is bitbucket repository list to the next, I made it from the github version. It’s a bit embarassing since most of the projects were abandoned just like that. I still maintaining synchro and currency.js, and there is visage which currently I tried to fix and add some enhancement, though I’m not sure if the original author is still maintain it or not.

My to-do list for the blog features, more or less like this:

  • Plugin for youtube video embedding.
    Actually, I can just copy paste the iframe code here, but custom tag like the one from jsfiddle plugin certainly be nicer.
  • Plugin for twitter embedding.
    For awesome-look quotes, unfortunately plurk doesn’t have its user timeline available for public via API.
  • Demo page.
    Some pages for semi-interactive data visualization, or demo program I wrote.
  • App list.
    Codes I wrote
  • Review categories, and rank stats.
    Maybe it’s too bloated, I just has this thought to add statistics and tracking system for all the things I watched/reviewed. Mostly anime.