So I thought this would do for an update

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This is actually happened few days ago. Somehow I accidentally broke my tablet. The touch panel were cracked, and although the device still intact and operating normally, without any input device it isn’t really useful.

While I lost my ebook reader. Looking from the bright side, now I have something to hack into, hardware-wise. Also that means I don’t have to wait for Raspberry pi.

This device has ~1GHz Arm core inside, and mali-400 as its GPU. Its vendor boasting that it can decode video up to 2160p, though since I haven’t see any stats or trying to really play video at that scale. Let’s just assume that it’s only another marketing bullshit, whatever. But yes, I can play most of my 1080p video.

It also has an USB host controller, so some kind of interfacing is possible. Since I haven’t get my hand to touch its kernel source yet. I put pre-compiled PL2303 kernel module so this thing can use USB-serial converter. With this, the device can talk to almost anything, err anything with serial interface obviously. Since interfacing with serial is mostly easy while with USB I should tinker some more to compile, or worse, to write the driver for each devices I want to use.

And for god knows why, this device actually has an infra-red receiver and equipped with ir-remote controller. Also there’s certain ROM image which randomly has gcc in it. So yeah, it’s interesting.

I haven’t decide what should I do with this device. I think I will put it into some HA controller or something. But first I would get rid that crappy android and replace it with emdebian. Or I might do nothing! we’ll see.