Your Diary

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Your Diary was released last year by Cube, with Kantoku as illustrator. This is their second project after Natsu no Ame and using Kirikiri as the game engine.

I haven’t finished playing yet, and this might take some time as my deficiency on reading kanji. The story itself is on average, and I can keep up playing this since it’s illustrated by Kantoku. Overall the story is about Nagamine Tomoki, a second year high school student who live with his childhood friend Minagawa Yuuhi. Yuuhi’s house apparently is a Cafe, his father as the owner been called Master-san by everyone.

One day, Tomoki visit this certain old bookstore, I’m not sure what he was looking for, but right there he found this book titled Your Diary. Tomoki were told that he is chosen by the book, and asked to brought the book home. And suddenly the book shining and a girl appear from the book. She introduced herself as a god named Yua (maybe a wordplay since Yua is homophone with your (jp. pronounced)), and her task is to bring happiness for Tomoki.

Despite the title which indirectly refer to Yua, I show little to zero interest for her. As a supposed to be main heroine, I feel her impact is less than any other heroine. My favorite one is Yuuhi for her overflowed cuteness most of the time.