Image viewer is up!

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% center My current desktop with cinnamon: 2nd monitor

% center My current desktop with cinnamon: 1st monitor

Yay, it’s up. You can click images above to try it out. a pop-up will appear with full sized image, and it’s draggable! You can also try hover the upper area of the popup to see the tagline/title and download link for the image.

Credits to Brian Clapper. He made the base implementation for this with jQuery and jQueryUI. From there, I extend some stuff to make it more organic.

The original version puts another border around the image, while I prefer the image undecorated. Also the original use plain jQueryUI modal dialog, and I did some makeup on that.

You can check Brian’s site above to see the original version.
Or see my repository for the source code.

This is the image I used as wallpaper above.

% center Little Busters Ex