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I’ve been putting up some courage to actually write about this thing. Started working on this roughly 1 and a half years ago, I believe it was not long after Google initially announced that they’ll closing Google Reader.

named shreds because naming is hard

As I realized that I never build any barely-usable so-called-product, also for the fact that my related skills on this were sound more like a joke, I kept the repository private for some months. It was really hard when feedbin announced, since we both built based on the same stack (We both based on ruby on rails, and using feedzira (later feedjira) as our core feed fetcher). I think I was supposed to drop the project and use feedbin instead, considering it’s waaay more superior in addition of its massive community.

But well, having fun is having fun. I’m decided to continue with this for the experience. For designing things on my own, without any pressure. And while shreds itself is still barely-usable, things I’ve learned along the way are quite fulfilling.

It’s particularly fun when I bumped on this problem when I ought to choose if shreds will be an SPA or just a traditional web page. This is includes deciding which framework to choose, I was considering to use either angularjs, emberjs, backbonejs, etc. It took a while to find out which framework has the lowest learning curve. And involving me discovering a certain framework called AuraJS, in which I got frustrated when I’m starting and trying to use their Yo generator plugin. By the end of the day I end up with a side-quest fixing some stuff over there :)).

responsive design~~

So then I’m not using any framework for the JS, decided to learn the gist of building large structured javascript codebase from scratch, and hopefully I can find out the need of an actual framework from there.

The disadavantage of working on such project alone (Actually this should read ‘the disadvantage of being me’), is things are super slow. Shreds still have most of its necessary features unimplemented, the layout always feels like a crap (I’m insist on using 2 columns), and I never had any enough inputs on how to progress. But well, so far I’m only build this for myself, can’t really expect anything.