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Based FedEx, only took them 3 days to get this delivered from TX straight away to my front door , the total costs is killing me though

Here’s the new toy. An evaluation board of the legendary MSP430 series. It comes with 2 MCUs the MSP430G2553, a spare MSP4302452, and an 32kHz crystal for external oscillator. I’ll be working with MSP430G2553 mainly because it has twice the memory of the latter, another reason is since MSP430G2553 has its own h/w UART support, but since the board could do soft emulation for the UART (need jumper switching and some emulation code though), I think I will tinkering with the latter too, that is after I comfortable with the UART setup.

I think I’m targeting myself to get comfortable working with microcontrollers, mainly the USCI (UART, I2C, SPI). Possibly create some automation systems along the way. I was inspired by Matasano’s microcorruption CTF (yup, still working myself to get pass through the Jakarta level ._.), they have MSP430 emulator implemented as an electric-keylock device for some security door. And we’re asked to bypass the system without knowing the password. Seems that the ctf is sponsored by Square, So I guess Square using MSP430 for their card reader.


Currently still get myself familiar with its clock setup, it’s a bit hard to grasp considering I never passed my introduction to electric-circuit class back at my sephomore years. I skipped a bunch of classes and took Microcontrollers & Interfacing course directly (and miraculously survived through the class \o/), so I’m a bit familiar with assembly and low level stack machine despite barely knowing how the basic electric circuits work (yes yes, I’m currently working my way on it ._.).