tenshinranman update

woops… another 2 weeks to go… as I post before, Yuzusoft and Lump of Sugar apparently doing a campaign together to promote their latest visual novel yet to be released on May 29th. I’m just checking out Yuzosoft official site. And found that Yuzusoft has done some great work back there… It’s decided that they still using kiri-kiri as tenshinranman engine. But look up on the spec page. I believe they doing some customization to the engine.
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Key visualart’s yet to be latest visual novel, rewrite, just have its official website built. and it means the campaign is also officially started… so, go ahead take a visit by clicking the banner at the side bar… info (in english) about rewrite can be viewed at wikipedia… too lazy to embed the link here. so take a search by yourself… And this is conclude the HD era of visual novel has come… apparently rewrite will be released in HD format too just as tenshinranman

Tenshin-Ranman & Tayutama release date decided...

Yuzu-Soft already announce release date for their latest visual novel, which will be released on HD 1280x720 resolution. can’t wait, hope they still using kirikiri… tenshin-ranman will be available on market at May, 25th 2009… and this is the best info… Yuzu-soft and Lump of sugar doing campaign together to promote both tayutama -it’s happy days-, and tenshin-ranman which is released on May, 29th 2009… whooop… tayutama’s sequel…. must get it…

KiriKiri revealed (2)

As I continued along… KiriKiri game system itself contains command line debugger and simple editor. KAG is already packed with a template for common visual novel system. And it structured by folder, which is packed in xp3 file at final release. This is the common file system in KAG visual novel: data | -startup.tjs (startup script, game starts here) | -bgimage -[all background images here] | -bgm -[background music here] | -fgimage -[ie.
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KiriKiri revealed (1st trial)

Continuing my previous post about visual novel engine, now I’ll try to write something about KiriKiri, this engine is the most interesting IMO, well currently I don’t really know when KiriKiri introduced into public, but it seems on early 2003. Built on C++, this engine turn out to be the most flexible and extendable visual novel engine on the market. KiriKiri itself is a complex platform containing interpreter, multimedia renderer, encryption handler, and file system implementation.
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ef-tale of rants

just watched the last episode from ef tale of melodies and I’m kind of impressed, this serial leave different feeling compared to the visual novel. Shaft and minori had the story re-arranged and instead of sad and melancholic feeling from the game, the serial gives hopeful and happiness feeling, and some lol-ness between them… this is from the game : and this is from the serial and they really wear it together OMG, it’s so enviable….
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beyond the seen

I think I will write something about visual novel engine… well I assume you were familiar with visual novel. there’s a bunch of engine out there on the internet to build your own visual novel… some of them were free, and open source, and the rest will make you pay for it. Right now there at least 3 stand out engines. first is NScripter/ONScripter, RealLive. and TVP/KiriKiri. Since Leaf use their own engine we wont mentioned it…
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ato... kizuato...

Leaf released this game on summer 1996, kizuato is one of early visual novel at the time.. the story was typically has same story pattern with another visual novel in the market at that time… well… this game just like another visual novel…. and seems not really success… recently… leaf released re make version of kizuato on DVD format… it seems the character design was changed… a bit… let’s take a look….
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i know everyone already know about this…. has opened pre-order on Key latest game Little Busters Ex that will released next 25th July… amazon give 10% discount for this pre-oder 9240 JPY… 10% cut off you will pay 8331 JPY…. and save up 909 JPY so what you waiting for… go.. for it…

more lyrical

another visual novel from marmalade lyrical DS Dramatic Stories lookin for it right now… yeah…